1. Sadly, at some level distinct Buffy bits have blurred at this point (no doubt a reason to re-watch) so when stuff happened is now vague. But Mr. Pointy does exist (at some point). Enjoy — you’ve got another 5 seasons to go. And then 5 seasons of Angel if you feel the need (if not, just watch the last one).

  1. Sometimes they’d hold on to the stake and use it more than once. Sometimes they’d let go and it’d turn to dust along with the vampire. I don’t know if how the stakes were used in an episode depended on the writer/director/whatever or how it would work best in the rest of the scene, or what, but it worked both ways. Also, Buffy got Mr. Pointy from Kendra; it was obviously more than a one-use stake. (I just finished a several-month-long rewatch of both Buffy and Angel, so they’re kinda fresh in my mind right now.)

    1. I think on the 1st season DVD they had a special feature on special effects and the vampire “dusting” and how it changed (as they got more money). Again — it’s been about 2-3 years since my eldest worked his way through Buffy and Angel (and I tried not to get sucked into more than an episode every couple of nights — sometimes VERY hard to do). I had forgotten it was Kendra who originally owned Mr. Pointy.

  2. Oh great now I have to comment again because Buffy….it’s tied for my favourite show and I’ve been thinking about rewatching it yet again even though I just finished the whole Buffy/Angel run in the fall….
    I want to know who Ekko said was annoying but maybe she won’t remember now

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