Every time I add a new character, I also know all the other people who will be wondering where their character is…*cough* LEEZET *cough*


And I went to an escape room yesterday at Captive and I got to meet Mike from Escape Games Review for the first time! It was great fun! And then we went for Ramen! Mmmmm…

And sorry I couldn’t get Mike’s wife or the whole team in here. Didn’t have time to create all the characters. And then Leezet would be even more upset…


    1. I thought Mike was Errol with a really short hair cut (until I scrolled down to the next frame, of course.) Loving the hoodie!

  1. I can truthfully say that Errol’s reaction to the hoodie was portrayed accurately. It was scary how little hesitation there was in buying that hoodie.

    1. Agreed. Actually it might have been my after-work tiredness. But i remember it more like him saying “IBOUGHTATOTOROHOODIE! ISTHATAWESOMEORWHAT?” , because i didn’t realize he just bought it until we got to Ramen. LOL

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