Are there records for longest running daily webcomic? Anyway, I don’t know if I count anyway, I think I got my girls to do a couple.
And manpans didn’t really say that last part, I remember Matt saying it in one of the comments a long time ago. And yes, this comic went up at 11:20pm. So I made it! Huzzah!

We had a crazy busy day. Hopefully, I can get some of it in the webcomic. 😀


  1. Yay for making the deadline! And thanks for the work you put into this script.

    I don’t know what the ‘record’ is, or who might maintain it. IIRC Howard Tayler hasn’t missed a day of Schlock Mercenary since he started it in June 2000, although I think there was one day the availability was delayed a few hours by a server glitch? So, about 15.75 years. But, to make it easier you can argue that only 4.25 of those 15.75 years “count” for your purposes as someone-writing-around-DayJob, because Howard quit his Day Job in 2004 and became a full-time cartoonist busting his butt so the strip supports himself + his wife and four kids + helpers (scary-impressive to think of that). He keeps a buffer to cover for the occasional sick or vacation day.

    With or without Day Job, your record is impressive. Thanks!

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