I used to do board game comics a long time ago. I was married, but I didn’t have children, so it was around thirteen or more years ago! The readership was even lower for that comic, and I stupidly had them go up at midnight. There were many times I couldn’t make the midnight deadline.

That’s why the comic now goes up at 8am in the morning. Had it been a midnight deadline, I would have missed it because I was doing an escape room with Mike and Ruby again.


  1. I’m still going to hold on to my personal delusion that “seestair” is for short a “see-saw staircase masterpiece” despite having realized what you actually mean.

  2. She’s kinda like Mac in Magnum PI! Lizzette was gone from Season 2 because she was filming Tales of the Gold Monkey but her character was so beloved she came back as a doppleganger in season 3!

    It’s Doppleganger Seestair!

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