Normally, I wouldn’t make deals like this. Thing is, we have a super old plan. A plan so old the addition of a new phone with voice and text was really cheap. We had to wait almost a half an hour to get Ekko on the plan because they had to call up to the head office to see if we could still add people to it. When it went through, they were surprised and we were elated.

So, we don’t know if in three years time, we would be able to get the same deal. If we add a new phone now, we may be able to keep this plan for a long time.

And so, looks like Zoe may be able to get a phone…

Edit: The event! I forgot to link the event! It’s Borken Telephone’s Bossfight Super Extravaganza of Amazingness!… actually, I may have added words to it.


  1. “Yes, yes you can have a phone. Here is an old phone no one is using. Look! It’s got a dial!”

    Or you could’ve pulled a, “Back in my day, we didn’t get cell phones till we were *insert age*!” 😀

  2. Zoe was destined to receive the phone from the moment it was known that the event contained the word (tele)phone. There was no escaping it.

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