1. Hamlet’s personality (and Ophelia’s and everyone else’s) depends on the production. About a year ago we watched about 4 or 5 different versions (joys of homeschooling with a mom who’s an English Lit major) after reading it. All different. Some more sympathetic than others. Just depends. For example, I really like Jane Eyre – but there have been some truly awful versions of it filmed. Not suggesting you should sit through more Hamlet, but you may have just drawn the short straw.

    1. I dunno, he still seems like a jerk just from reading the thing. I’ve only seen it played out a few times.

      1. If you think of it as a political thriller – he’s basically being held prisoner (o so politely) by his uncle (who, by the way, murdered his dad and married his mum to cement his legitimacy), his friends from school are being used against him, his girlfriend is being set to spy on him – everyone is busily manipulating the situation. His worst actions (imo) are against Ophelia (who always seems clueless, although definitely reaching above her station) and if generous one can say he’s trying desperately to keep her out of things, but doesn’t do so well (’cause she’s (usually) something of a naive nitwit).

        1. Yes. And he ends up killing people because he’s inept at what he does.

          And you’re right about Ophelia. The production we saw was focused on her and her parts of the story… which isn’t all that fun because she’s a clueless character…

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