A friend of ours, someone who has supported Debs & Errol from the beginning, is visiting us all the way from the UK. We felt bad that he never got a chance to see D&E live, so we are putting on a little concert called Eine Kleine Nerdmusik. We didn’t advertise it that much, because I didn’t want anyone thinking this was a regular thing we’d be doing. *laugh*

It does cross my current love of escape rooms with my old world though, it’s being held at Riddle Room! Riddle Room is perfect because it has board games to play, they have a cafe which makes Totoro lattes, and I know Debs hasn’t done the rooms there! Hopefully they’ll be able to get a chance to try some rooms!


  1. Finally caught up with today’s comic, having been in the air for hours (and waiting to get onto the runway at London Heathrow for something like forty minutes). Interesting to hear about this guest of yours from the UK- I wonder who they could be? 😉

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