I like Manpans because she brings a bit of humanity to the comic.

A lot of people like the ‘deep’ webcomics, and this one doesn’t really go too deep. I talk about eggs, escape rooms, totoro, spoiled children. Of course, you never know where life will take us, but for now, it’s still pretty silly.

However, Manpans brings the touch of normality to an otherwise Anime like family. ^_^


    1. Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood vandal. (Of course I told Keren and Manpans rather than Errol.)

  1. I scanned down this this morning just glanced at the last two panels reading only “Is it similar to Impostor Syndrome?” in the next to last one and misreading the last panel as “I’m obviously pretty.” The idea of a braggart Manpans makes me smile too. 🙂

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