1. For context, these are egg molds used in Japanese bento boxes. You can make all sorts of adorable shapes! Back in December we played a Nancy Drew game set in Japan. One of the many mini-games involved sorting bento boxes with eggs and rice shaped like animals. Of course we fell in love with them and lamented not having any of our own. So imagine my delight when I randomly decided to google “bento eggs” and discovered that not only was there molds that looked EXACTLY like those in the game, but that there was a Japanese grocery store right downtown I could check out. Sure enough, there they were!

    I can indeed confirm the outpouring of joy and excitement over the bento egg molds. I was so excited when I bought these! I could barely contain myself on the ride home and I almost showed Errol immediately. But no. I wanted them to be a surprise. I even skipped dinner in the excitement of making bunny and bear shaped eggs :D. It was the highlight of my day :D.

    And yes, when I told him I had a surprise and pulled out eggs, initially he was just excited to have eggs. It took him a moment to see the shapes. Oh, Errol.

  2. Yay, a Nancy Drew reference I not only get but is from one of my favorite of the games! Rentaro introduced me to nonograms, so he’s all right in my book.

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