1. To be fair, although the annoyance and stress was real (I was having problems not having a crappy recording space), I did enjoy solving a puzzle:D

  2. Keren had given me a different puzzle for figuring out what the password would be. She just looked at me and said: “Knowing Errol, what do you think it would be?”

    I got it on the first try 😀

    All that said, I don’t get “vegetable” and “The final is unknown, but not why”. I fail at your puzzles..

    1. Hint: the last panel gives three clues for three letters.

      Those that are familiar with cryptic crosswords would get the “Unknown but not why” pretty easily…

      Had my password been a real word, I could have made a cryptic crossword clue!

      Oh, for the record, that’s NOT my real password…

    1. I need to fix the first part… this is why I need to beta test. 😀

      0ATRPAX should be the correct answer.

      1. I especially liked the unknown but no one knows why part. Wasn’t sure on the decade and if it would be like 80s or just 80. I guess it was 00?

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