1. I could see my brothers doing this, if someone started them off on diseases. They’d be more likely to do it with geographical locations, though.

  2. Elumir powers Activate!
    Shape of Keren!
    Form of Errol!
    OK let’s pick a specific medical topic and obsessively turn it into a game for everyone’s amusement and spread it via the Internet!

    I think you both are guilty on this one!

  3. We have a board game called Infection that I bet they would like. It’s a monopoly type board and everyone gets 5 diseases at the beginning and then the rest of the game is trying to get them all cured or passed to someone else before you get anymore or die. It’s a fun game and is educational because it does give real information about the diseases 🙂

      1. It’s a lot of fun but I can’t tell you where to find it, I got it at a flea market brand new never been opened for a $1 🙂

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