1. That was about how crazy it was too, especially when the ice cream and brownies came out. I love this picture. And Brian calling Lena Leeloo.

  2. We got home* safely! It was so good to see everyone and meet Layla (She is sooo cute.) and Brenden (Who is awesome!) finally!. Keren THANK YOU!!!!! Kristi, Logan, I hope you got over the border ok! Errol… that was an awesome concert with everyone there… Thank you for openning your house to us. I’m sorry you were so sick. I hope playing Egyption Ratscrew** didn’t take too much out of you! When’s the reunion show?!!?!

    * “got home” is a relative thing as I spent < 5 minutes at home and ran out for a meeting that lasted till 10:40 then got on an hour long support call at midnight! So now it's 1am and I'm finally looking at the comic!
    ** http://www.waste.org/~oxymoron/cards/ratscrew.html

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