1. I saw that you all have been playing. Again there are weird echoes in our lives as our Sun/Tuesday night gaming group is down one member for three weeks allowing us to pick up our Civ 5 game from a year ago. We started playing it again last Tuesday, which was also the same time I saw you all in Civ V.

    Unfortunately we are currently noticing a bug that is EXTREMELY annoying. The enemy gets to move twice on every turn. It’s making a war that’s currently being waged almost impossible to complete. I think it’s because we accidentally set this game to sequential combat and there is a bug. It is aggravating but we cannot change it in the save game at this point..

    BTW it’s strange hearing Nimoy’s voice now.

      1. Yeah, it gives the AI a huge advantage as they can come in and say… attack and destroy a cannon that is up on a hill. That would at least leave one of their pieces moved forward and in danger but then in that same turn they can go again and back off out of range of our pieces. Or have all of their pieces attack twice so that even simple crossbows are very strong pieces. Additionally, they are generating replacements at twice the speed. All that said, it’s amazing that we’ve been able to stand toe to toe with them, but what was supposed to be a quick conquering is not working out that way..

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