I used to have a board game comic back in 2001 when I had a weekly board game night. We had a core group of players and then other players would join us from time to time.

This is what Chris wrote to his friends describing my comic:

I think this is incredibly cool, but you might not: someone has started a strip cartoon about his games group.

The start of the comic is at http://www.elumir.com/cgi-bin/comicjump.pl? and click through “Next Comic” through there.

Extremely well done – very easy for a newcomer to get into the characters’ personalities (admittedly it helps that over 70% of them are obsessed psychopaths) and some very funny jokes, especially later on. And there’s a character who obsesses over pandas, which is always good. Once you’ve got into it, you will probably enjoy the associated Flash movie at http://www.elumir.com/games/cutiepie.html .


Honestly, I am shocked someone other than my local group read that comic. 😀


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