Every day, I approach each comic with “Let’s see what’s going to happen today and if it’s comic worthy!”

Usually a lot of things happen. Sometimes, some things happen but it would take too much time for me to draw. Other times, I may be going around topless because of exercises and I don’t want to draw that to respect our more sensitive readers.

That may encompass all of the readers, but hey.

Anyway, MNE server issues are finally resolved! That’s good! NaNoToons still has issues, but, whatever. I’m also publishing the comic to tumblr and LinkedIn. I didn’t think LinkedIn was working because I couldn’t figure out how to display what I was posting.

But someone liked it, (Thanks Steve!), and so I saw some interactions on it!

I don’t think-auto posting my webcomic to LinkedIn is a good idea. I should keep track of my linkedins and see if they go down.

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