1. To be fair, I didn’t know about the existence of jeggings until a couple of years ago- they just aren’t a thing unless you find yourself shopping for womens’ clothes.

  2. I confess, I had no idea what “jeggings” were (I had a theory). I had to google it. Along the way, auto complete offered a search for “jeggings for men”.

    No doubt everyone else knows about this too.

    I will now crawl back under my rock and read a physical book (with pages) and contemplate starting either my Windows XP machine or the Win 98 (which has the cool games on it). 🙂

        1. It sits in a place of honor (well, on a desk) and is kept because it has games on it that you can’t play any other way (although GOG occasionally comes through). Admittedly, it hasn’t been turned on for awhile. But at least I found a home for the Win 95 laptop a year or so ago. But I still have two Atari 2600 consoles (and a huge pile of games) AND (even more important) TVs that I can plug into and play. Our house — where obsolete technology lingers.

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