1. RE: What am I designing.
    I was out voted and my teammates decided that we should make a Fire-emblem style tactical RPG for a (mostly freshman) basic game design class in 2 months with neither of the two programmers having any experience with said style of game and only one of them with the Gamemaker, which we were using to code it in, thus the 6:00 A.M bed times for me. Sorry I got a bit rant-y there.

    1. That is really hard… btw. 😀 I’ve programmed in Gamemaker. 😀 It’s great for platform games to make things simple. 😀 But GRID games? Whoo boy.

      1. We found a tutorial which we borrowed the basic concepts from for a grid set up that actually made that part not too bad. Honestly the parts that gave me the most trouble were each unit’s unique special abilities and components of the AI, which kept getting stuck in loops. I gave it to the team leader to turn in around 8:00 and it was due at midnight, so now no one can come to me and say can you add this last minute thing or fix this last minute something or other. I am free and clear of it!!!!!!

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