1. Won’t lie, one of the first things I posted when arriving at my Airbnb in Silicon Valley a few years ago was the electronic toilet, so I can’t judge here.

  2. When my family and I first got off the plane in England, the first thing we needed was a toilet. We found them, and took turns, so the luggage could be watched. Went in, did the business, couldn’t find any way to flush. No handle, no button. There was an otherwise unadorned plaque on the wall with the words “Wave On”, but no obvious electric eye. I even opened the stall door and pretended to leave, hoping it was an automatic one, but nothing happened. As I leaned forward to make a closer inspection of the bowl, I accidentally got my head near enough the plaque to discover “Wave On” meant a hidden electric eye that made the thing flush. The sudden flush startled me. I didn’t warn my aunt as she went in next. Her only comment when she returned was “Wave On, huh?” “Wave On” has now become a family joke when puzzling technology with no instructions has been finally figured out.

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