Wow. Yesterday, on Puzzle Hunt, I released a puzzle that was difficult a bit…aggravating for most.

Since Puzzle #7, I wake up early to make sure the puzzle went through. Yesterday morning Puzzle #8 was was fine, so I was relieved. A couple hours later, I checked the comments: no one had solved #8. That was strange, I didn’t expect that. I wondered if the password was wrong, or if I had done something in error. But everything was working.

By 9:00, I realized no one could solve the puzzle. I released a hint at 10am, and then again at 12pm. The second hint, people started to solve it.

There was still an insane amount of tweeting and email that followed! *laugh* Manda was at the helm answering all the tweets and emails so kudos to her.

And now, the upcoming puzzles are going to be quite difficult. We’ll see how that goes. ^_^


  1. After seeing how many times the Zoe and Ekko say “Inappropriate” in the comics I’ve started to wonder how often they do so on a daily basis. o_o

  2. Please forgive the design critique:
    If Keren is offscreen “stage right” teaching Zoe how to clean a bathroom, then why does Zoe enter the last frame from “stage left”? It would make more sense for the 2 girls to “bookend” Keren and Errol in the last frame

    Also I realize the signature ending up on your wife’s neck is unintentional, but it looks wrong to me in a slightly creepy way.

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