1. Universal remote? Get up and push the buttons yourself? Although I guess that nowadays there’s equipment that relies only on the remote. Beats me. We still have the big, bulky, heavy TVs, combo DVD/VHS players, and just VHS players. AND our remotes still work. So take that all those who speak in favor of the newest, shiniest toy! 🙂

    (Yes, just a tad punchy this morning. Probably should dust off the antiquated Atari 2600 console and plug it into the 1985 TV (that yes, is only kept because it’s the only way to play the Atari games. Is small enough to fit in a closest and doesn’t have a remote. Just knobs and dials).

    1. Haha! To be fair, the DVD doesn’t work well without the remote. We can’t navigate the menu and select episodes.

      You have a 1985 set! Awesome! I don’t have any of my old consoles, sadly. Although, they wouldn’t fit in my house. I had an Intellivision. And an Atari 800. And then a C128. I loved them all…

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