1. It’s true. SOMEONE has to read them or they won’t get read.

    It really is hard not to be “political” these days.
    Maybe it’s just everyone trying to figure out how to be better humans.

  2. You know what? Be political. It’s reaching the point where trying not to be political is itself a political statement, and not a great one.

  3. For me, trying not to be political has merit as I was raised to pick my battles. Therefore, I don’t rush out and expend energy when I might be needing it shortly. I am a Native American (Anishinabe (Chippewa)) woman of the Bear Clan-Protectors of the People, a single parent. I do check out a lot, post a few things that make sense, mostly, just on the lookout for those items of interest to me as they are being buried under the latest stuff that is happening. So, don’t apologize for being “not political” if you do have something that you are waiting to expend your energy on. Cause never fear, those who have expended their energy in the first rush, do not know how to catch their second wind and stand longer. Natives have that ability cause we pick our battles and have circled around the things that matter to us. Cause we, most likely, will not have the support of millions, we will only have ourselves. Again.

  4. Political works for me. I seem to immerse myself in it lately. It wasn’t like that till after this election, so it’s good when I can see I’m not alone. I always enjoy your comics, but for me this one was special.

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