1. lol did you actually say “But.. won’t you get beat up?”..

    i bet kids at her age won’t know what Doctor Who is.

  2. I just finished MOTHS ATE MY DR.WHO SCARF, and it has a great part in it just about this sort of situation, when the author talked about his childhood as a Dr. Who fan and his sons.

  3. Careful, people might confuse it with a wedding dress. You know, because a TARDIS is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

    1. We have all the DVDS from Eccleston to Smith (not Capaldi nor earlier). I think my girls have watched every episode at least three times… and some, far far more.

      Ekko had to do a monologue for school. She grabbed my sonic screwdriver and bowtie and did the speech from the Pandorica episode.

      They’re such geeks. ^_^

  4. It is a weird world when our likes are considered in fashion..

    I’d think that means “we won”, but this all feels too weird AND there are too many others who look at the Kardashians with envy.

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