I wanted to make a comic something like this yesterday. But then I thought it was too obvious. So I decided to make the joke more subtle.

No one got it.

I need to beta test my comics, or at least do them when I’m not sleep deprived. Maybe I should do a series of comics where the punchline is super subtle and people have to work at it.

Of course, a joke which you need to explain is no longer funny. Webcomics are hard.


  1. A/B Testing ftw. Part of yesterday’s problem was that the script had the rhythm of your usual jokes but the punch line was both visually and figuratively early/off to the side.. Mads’ comment seemed to be the focus but it wasn’t.
    This one follow your usual rhythm.

  2. Long long ago – son wanted to play a computer game and was very insistent that Daddy put the ___ in the computer so he could play. It took awhile for Daddy to process because it sure didn’t sound like “disk”…… (even though the youngling kept repeating his request (in a various permutations)). Eventually the light bulb went on. Daddy is not the computer game player in the household. 🙂

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