It was particularly confusing this conversation. I don’t know why, considering we have a conference call almost every other day as I take transit back home.

Btw, thank you for answering the poll! For the most part, people were indifferent, and then of course, those that voted for one or the other, it was pretty even. So I will stick to the older format!

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  1. This comment is unrelated to today’s comic (but I don’t remember when the appropriate comic occurred).

    Thanks to your mentioning of Korean Fried Chicken (and making it sound incredibly tasty), I made us a large batch tonight for dinner (I had to wait a long time for chicken wings to go on sale). You’re correct — it’s very good. It’s also very time-consuming (compared to our usual fried chicken recipe). 🙂 I also ate too many wings and have had to forego popcorn and DST. Now it’ll just be DST. Probably just as well. It’s hard to eat popcorn and avoid hounds.

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