1. You’re lucky. My kitchen cold tap was so clogged that the plumbers had to remove everything in my cupboards, knock a giant hole in the wall INSIDE one of the cupboards, and replace a section of pipe, which was completely full of a sort of solid rusty goop. The hole is still there. I have taped a flattened cereal box over it so the stuff in my cupboard doesn’t fall inside the wall.

      1. You should see the hole the plumbers left in my BATHROOM wall over a year ago. I can’t cover it with anything because there are two brand new valves sticking out of the hole. The plaster of the wall is slowly crumbling to pieces, and I keep having to sweep up pieces of wall that have fallen onto the floor.

  2. You are lucky. After two or three unsuccessful attempts to snake out our drains, we had to have the plumbers dig up a section of the sewer to put in a new sewer cap, because the idiot plumber who redid the sewer lines a few years ago didn’t bother to do it right. The old part that he hadn’t replaced was completely filled with tree root. It didn’t help that the new plumber kept saying someone would come out that day, and then they just “got busy” and “didn’t have cell reception” so they couldn’t let us know that we would still be waiting, without the ability to shower or flush the toilet. But hey, we’re just supposed to be patient and be okay about not having a working toilet or shower for over a week.

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