MNE_20150424_099I had wings last night. It was glorious.

And yes, I’m programming java. I didn’t choose to use Java, I am altering some existing code. This will be worth it, trust me on this!

By the way, you know what’s cool? I found out you can get your own cloud service server from Digital Ocean. I had to build my virtual server from scratch, but I can ssh in, I can do anything as root on the server, (well, sudo), and it’s so cheap with ($5 a month) that I hope to do Puzzle Hunt #3 off of this server!

If you want to play with your own server here’s my referral code for DigitalOcean! Heck, I still haven’t paid because the code gives you $10 credit! It’s awesome!

Do I have ANY programmers reading this webcomic? Probably not…


      1. To be honest, I also didn’t get around to doing it … Real-Life prevents me from doing funny things from time to time.

      2. No. By the time I saw it, it was too late to sign up. But I forgot the format of the puzzle hunt. Was that the one where you set it up with multiple escape places? If so, I think it may have also been that we’d gone to all those places already……….

        1. Yes, it was multiple escape places! A lot of people played for fun though!

          And it made people hate me too…

  1. I’m a beginner programmer and my dads one of the top 100 word press programmers. I know you know we read this comic.

  2. XML-RPC is still a thing?? OMG

    (And yeah, I may be a programmer. Also, Google Now has decided that I’m obsessed with your comic and helpfully shows me every new episode.)

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