You know, since I never release on time, I wonder how all of you read this comic? You just jump on and then go back until you start seeing something you recognize? I really should look into making this thing more user-friendly. But I don’t know how.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Lilly: What do you—

Panel 2 -
Lilly (looking shocked on seeing Errol): want...

Panel 3 -
Danielle: Is Zoe wtih you? This is her dad.
Errol: Hi, my name's Errol! I'm Zoe's dad!

Panel 4 -
Lilly: Uh...sorry. No...sorry.
Errol: Don't be! Now I get to meet more of Zoe's friends!
Danielle (thinking): This wasn't a good idea...


  1. I do exactly as you say. I come on maybe once a week or so and click back until I find the last one I read and then get caught up.

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