Ready for a Semi-Formal

There’s no comic today, I figured people who don’t have Facebook may want to see the real results of the TARDIS dress that Keren made.

This is Ekko without her Bad Wolf hat.

When I first got my mac, I filled it with all sorts of pictures to cycle through as the desktop background. That was five or six years ago. And now, both Ekko and Zoe have grown so much.

And I will sit at my mac and stare at the pictures when they were so young.

Thirteen years. She’s become so tall, and responsible, and someone I’m very proud of and love dearly.

Anyway, don’t worry folks, not all posts will be this sentimental and cheesy. I just want to brag about my daughter’s TARDIS dress. ^_^


  1. She can’t be THAT old, can she?

    And what a cute and cool dress! Love the boots with it! Ekko, you rock! (And always have…)

  2. Someday, she can wear her TARDIS dress and I can wear my exploding-TARDIS dress in the same room, and we’ll create a time paradox. Creating time paradoxes is fun.

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