The concert went well, I think, but unfortunately I didn’t do the correct settings on my Zoom so it doesn’t sound that great. I have learned for next time!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Ephemera on Zoom: Up next are our musical guests.
Errol: Hello!
Zoe (thought bubble): Please don't embarrass me.

Panel 2:
Ephemera on Zoom: Errol Elumir is a puzzle designer and web comic artist who writes silly music. He will only sing with his daughter Zoe to inject a modicum of talent into their performance. She participates under duress.
Zoe (thought bubble): That's a bit embarrassing.

Panel 3:
Ephemera on Zoom: Please welcome, Zoe and Errol!
Errol: Ha ha! I think that's the first time Zoe heard that intro!
Zoe (thought bubble): Don't talk. Just sing.

Panel 4:
Errol: On YouTube, you'll find Zoe singing some of these songs when she was five years old and it's very adorable!!
Zoe (thought bubble): Just start! Just start!

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