I ordered a phone as a Christmas gift before any sales and whatnot. It said it’d arrive by Jan 2nd, and I was fine with that.

And then the status of the order would change. Some days there was no status. Other days, it would move to Jan 18th. Then it’d move back to January 7th. Thing is, it’s not like the store is in another country or province. It also didn’t say anywhere they were out of stock.

I checked online, and there were a few people who were complaining and even ordered later than I did. And, after complaining, they got their phone. So, I figured I should complain too, else I’d never get the phone (which was a gift I wanted to give).

And thus, I have a comic to write about.


  1. The simplest explanation to me seems to be that the entire company is caught in a space-time eddy. It would explain the wibbly-wobbly* dates and the service rep going in and out.

    Or timey-wimey. I get those two terms mixed up.

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