This should be our tradition for every holiday!

Except Easter, of course.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [Halloween Night] -
Child (offscreen): Twick... tweat...
Keren: Hello! your costume is so beautiful! Are you a princess?

Panel 2 -
Child (offscreen): Eggs!
Parent (offscreen): By the way, I won't ask why they're there, but your Easter eggs saved me.
Keren: Oh?

Panel 3 -
Parent (offscreen): My daughter was so scared on your street until she saw your lawn. So, thank you!
Keren: I'm glad we were of help!

Panel 4 -
Offscreen: *knock* *knock*
Errol: Seems like we have a new tradition for our lawn!
Keren: Let's not rush things.


    1. I like pumpkins too! I actually don’t know if our street decorates for Easter. I don’t think it’s as extravagant if they do.

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