We all know I troll my sister by singing her “Amazed”, right? I think we all know that.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Errol, Keren, Zoe, and Ekko are in the car) -
Errol: Finally going home. You know, I should—

Panel 2 -
Ekko and Zoe: NO!!!
Errol: —call Leezet! Sheesh! I just want to call Leezet.

Panel 3 -
Errol: ...and maybe tell her a joke.

Panel 4 -
Ekko and Zoe: NO!!!

Panel 5 -
Errol: I kid. I'll call her and we can sing her "Amazed."
Zoe: Okay!
Keren: Can't this family live one day without trolling?

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