So yes, after this week long arc, in the end, dad didn’t get it started because he didn’t think the seniors would be able to figure out how to do a zoom call. And they probably didn’t have the equipment for it either.

↓ Transcript
Leezet and Errol are on a Zoom call with their dad.

Panel 1 -
Lolo: So were you able to connect to my Zoom call?
Leezet: I did!
Errol: Huzzah! You got it working!

Panel 2 -
Lolo: Do the seniors need a laptop? They don't have laptops.
Leezet: Um...
Errol: Do they have smart phones?

Panel 3 -
I don't think their phones are very smart.
Errol: Even an iPad, or a tablet?

Panel 4 -
Lolo: I don't even know if they have internet.
Leezet: Um...
Errol: You can't Zoom with fax, dad.


  1. LOL 😀

    My mum is totally able to take a Zoom call but doesn’t want anything to do with them. She grudgingly participated in one or two for a fellowship meeting…but she did it over the landline so she could listen and occasionally respond when she had to. She quickly learned that she had to first identify herself when responding because it confused everyone who couldn’t see her(and she wasn’t the only one participating via landline…just the only one doing it by choice). And I had to teach her how to mute and unmute so that she wasn’t confusing everyone with ambient noise coming from nowhere. 😀

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