The wedding in question was during the time when I went on a three month hiatus, which was about this time in 2019. So my Baileys consumption wasn’t fully explored in comic form. I need more Baileys espresso shots in my life. That was awesome.

And although not mentioned, I’m talking to Kham in this comic. He’s one of the people spearheading the KPop dance classes!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Holiday work party) -
Kham: You don't drink, do you Errol? You'd be even more of a social butterfly if you did.
Errol: I don't drink often.
Keren: He falls asleep when he drinks too much.

Panel 2 -
Kham: Ha! That's good to hear. I don't want to think you would be more sociable than me!
Errol: I like Baileys though!
Keren: He likes Baileys a bit too much.

Panel 3 -
Keren: We were at his cousin's wedding, and they sold Baileys espresso shots.
Errol: I had about five of them!

Panel 4 -
Kham: He was probably a machine on the dance floor.
Keren: He certainly was something.
Errol: I should see if they have Baileys at the bar.
Keren: Hopefully not.


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