I normally don’t write the script out before I do the comic. I just type everything in as I create the comic. However, because of the transcript, I now write everything out. That sure helps for things like planning, and also catching mistakes. Kind of. I made a spelling mistake a few days ago. Oh well!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Errol: Hi, dove! How is life without internet for you?
Keren: The kids and I wrote some hand written cards and dropped them in the mailbox.

Panel 2
Keren: The girls had no idea where to put a stamp on an envelope, so it was a learning experience.
Errol: We have stamps?

Panel 3
Keren: Then we built a fire in the backyard pit, cooked together, chatted, played games, knitted, made tortillas from scratch, and laughed a bunch.
Errol: I played video games!

Panel 4
Keren: You could come outside with us.
Errol: But then no video games.


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