Keren and I had different face masks. Keren’s seemed to cover more of her face, but it had some weird tying thing. Mine covered only my neck, and I was wondering how I could use it to cover my head too. I didn’t bring ear muffs or anything.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Wearing winter clothes) -
Keren: Wow, this is heavy.
Errol: I have five layers on underneath this coat.

Panel 2 -
Errol: I have an undershirt, then a shirt, then a sweater, then a hoody, than another hoody, and then this coat! I can barely move!

Panel 3 -
Keren: Did you figure out the mask?
Errol: ...

Panel 4 -
Keren: You should have read the instructions.
Errol: They didn't help!

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