The great thing about all the Zoom calls is that no one bats an eye at interruptions anymore.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Leezet: Hello, everyone.
Computer: Hi! I see you have a different background!

Panel 2 -
Leezet: Yes.
Computer: Where are you now?

Panel 3 -
Leezet: I'm not at home.
Computer: Oh? Are you in another city?

Panel 4 -
Leezet: I'm in Toronto.
Computer: There for long?

Panel 5 -
Leezet: Not too long.
Computer: Nice! You know people there?

Panel 6 -
Errol: Why are you being so coy? SHE'S VISITING HER PAMILY!!
Leezet: Errol! This is a work call!
Computer: Hi!


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