You know, when work people ask me what I’m doing over the weekend, it’s hard to explain. “Working on the Cryptex Hunt” is not exactly a conversation that’s short, or interesting to other people. However, that’s a lot of what I do.

Oh, and I have enough conversations with Eilis that don’t make it into the comic, because I didn’t want to add a new character. But I figured I eventually should. If you ever wonder what Errol is like at work, he’s pretty much the same as at home. Except less wife talk.

↓ Transcript
Errol is on a Google hangout with his co-worker Eilis.

Panel 1 - Work Google Hangouts
Eilis: Hey, Errol. Big plans for the weekend?
Errol: Hey, Eilis. Not really. And you?

Panel 2 -
Eilis: My friends keep wanting to hang out, but there's a lockdown! I mean, WTF.
Errol: Oh? Was the lockdown announced?

Panel 3 -
Eilis: Yeah. However, it doesn't really start until next week.
Errol: Ah. Next week.

Panel 4 -
Eilis: This whole lockdown concept is lost on you, right?
Errol: I refer to this state as my happy bubble times.

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