I forgot she was away. We also changed our board game night because she was camping. Woops.

↓ Transcript
Mike, Manpans, and Errol are in a slack chat.

Panel 1 -
Mike: Hey, everyone! Manpans, how's camping?
Manpans: I have a signal to sign into chat!
Errol: Hi, Mike! How's baby?!

Panel 2 -
Mike: Well, we're not getting much sleep. Ha ha! Is it still raining at your campsite, Manpans?
Manpans: Yeah. But no one wants to leave.
Errol: Oh! Manpans! You got a package!

Panel 3 -
Mike: Oh! Is that your puzzle game you got?
Manpans: AH! It's here! That's great!
Errol: Yeah! Just come upstairs. The door's unlocked.

Panel 4 -
Mike: Dude. We were JUST discussing how she's camping right now.
Manpans: Seriously. I'm not home.
Errol: Oh! Ugh. I hate camping. I hope it's not raining.


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