It’s hard keeping track of what EVERYONE is doing. My way of dealing with it is to just forget everything.

And I’m slowly catching up! After the big push of comics over the weekend, I’m endeavouring to release two a day until I’m all caught up! Huzzah!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Cheryl: Hello, Errol.
Errol: Hi, Aunt Cheryl! How was the drive down?

Panel 2 -
Cheryl: It was good! Little traffic.
Errol: That's great! Zoe and Maya are out now. They never tell me where, though.

Panel 3 -
Cheryl: I think they're out shopping.
Errol: I should get you to find info for me. So! Why are you down? Visiting your sister?

Panel 4 -
Cheryl: Uh...I'm here to pick up Maya?
Errol: Oh...right. I keep forgetting she doesn't live here.

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