I don’t really know how this conversation went, I was only told snippets of it, but I hope it went something like this. In the end, if you all were wondering, she did come to the movies with us.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Genny: You're going to see Spider-Man, right?
Zoe: Yes. I think Mads is going to see "Sing 2".

Panel 2 -
Genny: Can you ask your dad if I can come?
Zoe: What? Why do you want me to ask?

Panel 3 -
Genny: I don't want to ask MY dad to ask your dad!
Zoe: Why can't you ask my dad yourself?

Panel 4 -
Genny: Why would I do that?!
Zoe: I try my best to avoid conversation with him too.


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