We had a lot of questions from our neighbours about the eggs on our lawn. It was great! ^_^

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Errol (at computer): EKKO! Could you answer the door? I'm working!
Ekko (Offscreen): Sure.

Panel 2 -
Neighbour: Hi, Ekko. I'm just returning the apple strainer I borrowed from your mom.
Ekko: Ah. Thanks.

Panel 3 -
Neighbour: By the way, while I'm here, why do you have the eggs on your lawn?
Ekko: It's because my dad has weird friends.

Panel 2 -
Neighbour: ...
Ekko: Mom! Can you come here and explain these eggs?!
Errol: I doubt Keren will make it any clearer.

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