She didn’t answer the phone the whole drive, if I recall. We had to call her on the computer when we got home to troll her.

↓ Transcript
The Elumirs are out for a night drive.
Panel 1 -
Zoe: We need to start my playlist!
Errol: I'm all for 80s tunes!

Panel 2 -
Ekko: You should have brought you bluetooth speaker.
Zoe: Can you guess what song this is?
Errol: Wait! Do you have Amazed?

Panel 3 -
Zoe: I don't think so.
Errol: I have it. Call Leezet.

Panel 4 -
Ekko: She's not answering her phone!
Zoe: What?
Errol: Why isn't she answering?
Keren: Couldn't we have night without harassing your sister?

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