Even though she didn’t really parallel park, she pulled into the spot, parallel parking is still the worst.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Ekko, Maya, Errol, and Zoe is in the car. Zoe is driving) -
Errol: You can pull in here, Zoe.

Panel 2 - Car inches ahead.

Panel 3 - Car inches back.

Panel 4 - Car inches ahead.

Panel 5 - Car inches back.

Panel 6 (A few minutes later) -
Maya - I didn't know you could parallel park, Zoe.
Errol: I don't think this counts as parallel parking...

Panel 7 -
Ekko: We'll never get bubble tea at this rate.
Zoe: Am I close enough to the curb now?
Errol: It's within walking distance.


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