There’s a lot of temptation in my house. Good thing Zoe likes Salt and Vinegar chips. I don’t usually eat that.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Errol: Morning, Zoe. Or should I say afternoon? Did you eat?

Panel 2:
Zoe: Yeah. I had pie.
Errol: I meant real food. Still, I'm shocked you didn't eat all those bags of chips mom bought you.

Panel 3:
Zoe: There's no opportunity to each chips.
Errol: What? What are you talking about?

Panel 4:
Zoe: I wake up. I eat pie. And then when I'm hungry chips, it's already time for supper.
Errol: Maybe we should try and wake up before 2pm.


  1. I’ve never woken up THAT late in the day. The latest I’ve ever woken up is at 10:30.

    1. Oh, my girls are pretty bad for waking up late. Of course, when I was a teen, I woke up at 3pm during the summer. It was pretty bad.

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