Because I publish these after midnight, I forget to change the date back to the original day. Woops. I should take a picture of these puppets.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - Errol is alone in the panel.
Offscreen: AAAH!

Panel 2
Offscreen (Ekko): Stop it!
Offscreen (Zoe): Hee hee
Errol rolls his eyes.

Panel 3 - Errol is alone in the panel.
Offscreen (Ekko): It's creepy!
Offscreen (Zoe): What's wrong, sister?
Errol is searching for something.
Keren: What are you looking for?

Panel 4
Offscreen (Ekko): I hate that puppet, Zoe!
Offscreen (Zoe): It's just a puppet.
Errol: I'm pretty sure there's a second puppet somewhere.
Keren: Not helpful.


    1. Well that’s my day made. I never knew Debs & Errol covered this excellent parody.

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