I had a bunch of other things to get done, so in the end, I didn’t get to Eilis’s Jira tickets. If you aren’t familiar with Jira, it’s just a way to assign to-dos to your co-workers.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Work chats...) -
Eilis: You took a vacation day yesterday. Do anything fun?
Errol: I got caught up on comics!

Panel 2 -
Eilis: Why not take today as well? I mean, it's almost Christmas.
Errol: Because I have work to do.

Panel 3 -
Eilis: You can just leave it until the new year, you know.
Errol: Didn't you assign me a bunch of tickets to get done before Christmas?

Panel 4 -
Eilis: I mean, if you're here anyway.
Errol: These are mixed messages, Eilis.

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