Everything’s suspicious when you solve puzzles!

↓ Transcript
Manpans is doing Errol's puzzle hunt. She is on the phone.

Panel 1 -
Travel Agency: Hello!
Manpans: Hi! This is Escape Travel, right?
Travel Agency: Yes! how can I help you?

Panel 2 -
Manpans: Um... I guess... I want to go on a trip?
Travel Agency: Okay... Well, you called the right place. Where do you wish to go?

Panel 3 -
Manpans (thinking): Oh! Maybe I need co-ordinates for this puzzle!
Manpans: AHA! And WHERE ... do you suggest?
Travel Agency: Suggest? Uh...travel is pretty restricted.

Panel 4 -
Manpans (thinking): A clue! I can narrow this down!
Manpans: Oh. Reeeeeaalllly?! Somewhat suspicious that it's restricted, eh?
Travel Agency: Um...not really?
Travel Agency (thinking): Why do the weird ones call on my shift?!

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