We were going to include a number to call for this hunt, but we didn’t want people to call internationally. Next time, Manpans, we’ll work this in.

↓ Transcript
Manpans is on call with a travel agency hoping to complete Errol's puzzle hunt.

Panel 1 -
Travel Agent: By the way, where are you located?
Manpans: Toronto.
Travel Agent: Oh! you are way less restricted than us!

Panel 2 -
Travel Agent: With COVID and everything, we've basically been banned from everywhere. There are some countries that are available for you, like the EU, some parts of South America, but it all depends on when restrictions lifts.
Manpans (thinking): Wait a minute. Don't tell me this is a real...

Panel 3 -
Travel Agent: How did you hear about us? Did a friend refer you?
Manpans: Why yes! It was ERROL!
Travel Agent: ...Okay?

Panel 4 -
Manpans (typing on her computer to Errol): Hey, Errol! Just checking, but did we have to call a travel agency for your puzzle hunt?

Panel 5 -
Errol: No. Why?
Manpans with mortified look (thinking): Oh noes...
Travel Agent: ...Hello?

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