I really should have written down all the jabs Emmy makes towards Dis. Poor Dis.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - (Ekko, Errol, Emmy, Bing, and Dis are playing a board game) -
Emmy: Dis, it's your turn.
Dis: I know.

Panel 2 -
Emmy: There aren't a lot of options, so it should be an easy choice.
Dis: I wanted to do something, but then you took it.

Panel 3 -
Emmy: That's called 'planning ahead.'
Dis: ...

Panel 4 -
Emmy: Nothing you do will get you out of last place anyway.
Dis: Ooooh, you just wait.
Errol: Your daughter's a monster.
Bing: Oh, I know it.
Ekko: Is it my turn yet?

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